Providing Complete Security and
Automation Solution for your Premises

Providing Exceptional Security Systems and Automation Solutions
We at Wizkraft are delivering cutting-edge CCTV, Access Control, Alarm System, Home Theater System, Multi-zone Audio and Video,
Structured Cabling, Home Automation, IT support, Business Phone Systems.
We deliver home-solutions as well as commercial-solutions for all our clients.


Providing Low Voltage and
Audio/Video Services

Specialists in Access Control System Integration
We at Wizkraft deliver exceptional Access Control Systems inclusive of perimeter fencing, gate access controls,
bio-metric access systems, exterior controls, gate access, equipment auto start-ups, smart buttons,
kiosk controls, retinal scans and much more. All our access control systems are crafted
precisely for the individual client’s needs.


Comprehensive Experience in the Industry

We have been the Providence of World-Class Security and Automation Solutions for more than 5400+ Sites.
We deliver correct and cutting-edge security solutions inclusive of home automation, security schematics, CCTV systems, Cabling, IoT support, and Infrastructure security. We select products very carefully to solve our clients, business as well as home-based problems. We are experts in Access Control Systems.

Our technicians are equipped with the most cutting-edge and modern technology available vis-à-vis home automation, CCTV security, and Access Systems.

We do low voltage which includes installing and wiring CCTV, Access Control, Alarm Systems, Home Automation, Home Theater, Multi-Room Audio, and Video, Prewiring of the house, Smart lighting and Central vacuum systems.

We believe in providing affordable surveillance, automation, and security services. We help our clients choose the most relevant products and services to ensure their ‘perfect’ security, home-automation, and smart systems. Wizkraft unifies all the systems present within a space to deliver the most accurate and powerful security and automation solutions, whether it’s the commercial or home-based entity.

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Wizkraft – Helping you choose
the right security and
home automation systems so that you can be aware of what is happening in your premises.

our services

Installation and Wiring of CCTV Systems

We at Wizkraft provide complete installation and placement of CCTV camera, camera devices, and systems.

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Access Control Systems

We are experts in the field of Access Control Systems providing a comprehensive portfolio of Access Control System Solutions.

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Alarm Systems

We deliver a complete range of various alarm systems for any premises. Your Security is our top priority. Commercial alarms are also provided.

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Home Automation

Wizkraft believes in the integration of SMART home technologies while providing robust home automation systems.

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Home Theater

Ranging from Audio and Video Solutions to Complete Home theater and Surround System setup for homes, Wizkraft delivers it all.

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We provide Multi-room audio and video interconnected systems comprising of A/V, HDMI, and other digital sources.

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Prewiring (Residential)

Through our diverse portfolio of comprehensive services, we deliver Prewiring services for all our residential clients.

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Smart lighting

Lightning at its best. Our experts at wizkraft provide cutting-edge SMART lightening and ambient lightening solutions for security and highlighting purposes.

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Business Phone Systems

We consider Phone integration our top priority. From PABX to VOIP, we have it all. Business phone systems from Wizkraft help you to connect better.

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Central Vacuuming

To top it off, we provide convenient vacuuming services to all our clients. Central Vacuuming can help keep the business’s premises well-managed.

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Home Automation and Security

See How Home Automation Can Help Simplify your Homes

Access Control Systems

Protect your Businesses and have Better Security via Access Systems

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Providing Affordable Automation and Security Systems

Helping you chose the correct security and home automation products as well as other Communication and Connection systems — A complete hub of Low Voltage and Audio /Video Services.

Wizkraft Security and Automation

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